Council is proposing to introduce a Heritage Overlay in an area known as Thornbury Park Estate (view the map), as it has been identified as being of local heritage significance and worthy of being protected.

We engaged with the community from August to October 2021 and invited formal submissions from any person affected by the amendment.

Council at its meeting on 29 March, 2022 voted to refer all submissions to an independent planning panel for their consideration. A Planning Panel hearing was held in July 2022, and the Panel report has been received by Council.

What’s happening now?

The report of the independent Planning Panel is now available. The Panel has supported the application of the Heritage Overlay to the Thornbury Park Estate, but has recommended that the precinct area be reduced. Further information can be found in the report.

Council will consider the Panel report and next steps at a future meeting. All submitters will be informed when the meeting date is scheduled, and will have the opportunity to speak at the meeting.

Interim heritage overlay for Thornbury Park Estate

The Planning Minister has approved an extension to the interim (temporary) heritage overlay for 12 months, from 29 April 2022 to 29 April 2023 (Amendment C207dare) to allow for sufficient time for the permanent heritage controls (C191dare) to be considered. The interim heritage overlay only applies to contributory and significant properties within the precinct.

Council at its meeting on 29 March, 2022 voted to apply for an extension to the interim controls until 29 April, 2023 to protect these properties while the permanent heritage control amendment (C191dare) is progressed.

The interim heritage overlay will protect contributory and significant properties from demolition and ensure any development can be assessed to ensure it will respect the heritage values of the heritage place and precinct.

Please read the Factsheet and FAQ panel on the right of this page for more information.

Access to the proposed planning scheme amendment document can also be found in

Talk to us or send an email

If you have specific questions about your property or this amendment proposal, you can book an appointment with a Council officer to discuss the heritage grading and what it means for you or anything about this amendment proposal. You can do this by calling Strategic Planning on 8470 8494 or emailing

If you would like to speak to someone in your preferred language about the Thornbury Park Estate Amendment, please contact us or call 8470 8470 to be connected to a Language Aide or an interpreter.

Information about the proposed Heritage Overlay

You can watch the video to find out more about the proposed Heritage Overlay for the Thornbury Park Estate area.

Why should the Thornbury Park Estate area be protected?

Council wants to ensure that areas of heritage value in Darebin are protected into the future. Council also has a duty to enhance and conserve heritage places under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

A recent detailed heritage study has found the Thornbury Park Estate Precinct is of historical significance to the City of Darebin. This is because there are many good and generally intact examples of historic Interwar, Edwardian, and late Federation period homes.

Increasing development pressure in the Thornbury Park Estate area has put the heritage significance of the precinct at risk. Permanent planning controls are a tool Council can use to protect it.

In general, a heritage overlay means you will need to apply for a planning permit from Council if you want to make external changes to your home (some minor buildings and works are exempt). Any new development will need to be responsive to the heritage value of the area.

There are different requirements depending on the heritage grading of your property. You can find your property’s heritage grading by clicking on the map link.

Map of the Thornbury Park Estate Precinct

What's happened so far?

Council ran community consultation from 3 August, 2021 until 15 October, 2021 with information distributed via letters, our Your Say page and Facebook page and invited submissions from the local community in this period. Thank you for your submissions. Following Council’s resolution at Planning Committee on 13 December 2021, Council will be undertaking further community consultation to engage with our diverse community and hear their views on this amendment.

Council held two online information sessions, where the community could find out more about these proposed changes and ask general questions.

To view to the online forum from Saturday 28 August you can watch the video recording.

To view to the online forum from Thursday 2 September 2021 you can watch the video recording.

Following the Planning Committee Meeting on 13 December, 2021, to allow more time to consult the community and receive feedback from our diverse residents further consultation was arranged in February 2022 as outlined below.

Thornbury Park Estate – further diverse community consultation

A number of outdoor pop up sessions with interpreters were undertaken on Thursday 24th February and Saturday 26th February. Thank you to all those community members who attended these sessions.

Written submissions closed at 12pm on Monday 28 March, 2022.

The proposal and the findings from consultation, including the response to submissions were presented to Council on the 29 March 2022 Council Meeting.

Planning Panel Hearing

The Minister for Planning appointed an independent Planning Panel to consider all submissions to Amendment C191dare - Thornbury Park Estate.

The Planning Panel Hearing was held on Tuesday 12 July 2022 and Wednesday 13 July 2022.

Panel considered submissions and has prepared a report which makes recommendations in relation to the Amendment.

Additional documents considered at Panel:

Read the Sustainability and Heritage Report (Hip V. Hype, 2022).

Read the expert witness heritage report.

Additional Project Information

In 2019, a 1920s church manse at 31-33 Comas Grove Thornbury, was identified by Council as being at risk of demolition. This property is no longer at risk of demolition, but this prompted Council to consider the heritage value of the manse.

A preliminary assessment into the heritage significance of 31-33 Comas Grove found that while the church manse was not individually significant, the property was likely to be significant when considered as part of a heritage precinct within the broader area.

This area is known as Thornbury Park Estate and is an area in Thornbury bound by Strettle Street to the west, Miller Street to the north, Smith Street to the south, and extending east to St Georges Road. This area was once all one property that was known as Thornbury Park Estate, and was subdivided into different lots in 1911, with additional building occurring throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s.

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