Darebin collects hard waste twice a year – a bulk collection in winter and a booked collection in spring.

Our current combination of hard waste services raises a number of issues:

  • The spring service is limited, and only 4% of Darebin residents can access this. This is not very fair.
  • We know that Darebin residents love checking out what’s on the kerb and collecting it for reuse. However, in the last few years, we’ve received reports that scavenging is leading to items being damaged or dumped elsewhere.
  • Residents who move between August and May can’t access the service, and must either plan in advance or store items for up to 10 months.
  • Current bulk collection results in a large amount of household items, including reusable items, being sent to landfill.

But there are also lots of positives to a bulk hard waste collection! That’s why we’re asking you which service best suits you.

Our hard waste service options

We are proposing three options for hard waste collections starting in 2024.

We will use your feedback and our operational requirements to make our final recommendation to Council.

The options for hard waste collections in a financial year are:

We tell you two weeks before your collection date and you put out your hard waste the weekend before it starts.

Booked collections are for eligible properties at any time of the year.

This is included in your entitlements in the kerbside waste charge.

Things to consider for this option:

  • Maintains the current blanket area wide collection every year.
  • Changes the current ‘first in, first served’ Spring collection into a bookable service to help residents who need it most access the service.
  • During the period that the blanket collection takes place, there is a risk of footpaths being obstructed with hard waste.
  • Can limit the ability to recycle hard waste items due to items exposed to rain.

  • Book your collection and put your hard waste out the night before.

    This is included in your entitlements in the waste service charge.

    Things to consider for this option:

    • Residents can book a service when they need it.
    • Renters in particular can benefit from this flexibility.
    • Over time, the service cost may reduce if the volume of materials that end up going to landfill decreases.
    • This may reduce the amount of dumped rubbish as the service will be available when people need it
    • This is considered best practice and most metropolitan Councils offer this type of service.

    Eligible people can book these collections at any time of the year.

    Things to consider for this option:

  • May not meet the needs of all residents who receive a kerbside service.
  • May increase illegal dumping
  • Reduces cost for Council, and therefore the waste charge.
  • Alternative options are available, including taking hard waste to the DRRC, and booking a commercial service.
  • Fee for service collection

    In addition to changing one of these options, we may also introduce a “fee for service” hard waste collection: You book your collection and pay at the time of booking. People who meet the eligibility criteria* can call to book with a discount. You put your hard waste out the night before.