Council is planning for the future of Fairfield Village, including how we can help the centre recover more quickly form covid - 19, enhance public spaces, manage development and respond to transport pressures.


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Planning Scheme Amendment C161

Planning Scheme Amendment C161 is a new set of built form guidelines for Fairfield Village which will safeguard the community village feel of the area.

The amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning on 27 August 2021 with only minor changes to the format of the controls, and now makes up part of the Darebin Planning Scheme.

The Planning Scheme Amendment introduced a Heritage Overlay and a Design and Development Overlay to guide high quality development and to protect the heritage buildings within the Fairfield Village Activity Centre. The Fairfield Village Activity Centre includes parts of Station Street, Wingrove Street and Railway Place.

Fairfield Village is known for its distinct local village feel which comes from its accessibility, strong local business presence, the low-scale character of its traditional buildings, and its open space areas, especially around the railway station reserve. Importantly, the precinct also provides a strong sense of community for local residents.

The new built form guidelines will protect heritage buildings and ensure future development in the area is done responsibly with respect to the Fairfield Village character.

Recent improvements in Fairfield Activity Centre

Council is continuing to plan progressively for updates and improvements to the Fairfield Activity Centre over time. Please see a link to a plan showing recent and impending improvements in the centre.

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