What happened in stage 1

From October- December 2021 we asked people living in Reservoir West, Preston West and Thornbury West for input about the streets in your local area and received more than 7000 pieces of information about your experience of walking, cycling, scooting, driving and playing in your local streets.

This first round of community engagement was open for 8 weeks. You told us about your experience using your local streets to help us better understand:

  • The issues and barriers you face when using our local streets
  • How we could change our streets to suit your needs

Feedback was collected through our interactive map. Known issues raised by you already, phone-calls from the public, meetings with community leaders and groups, and feedback received from our pop-up information session were also added to the interactive map.

What you told us in stage 1

Almost half of all issues recorded by the community were vehicle concerns, at 40%. The other issues chosen include walking, cycling and general.

The following specific concerns were highest for each of the top four categories:

  • Vehicle - Speeding traffic, parking issues and too much traffic
  • Walking – Poor accessibility, unsafe driver behaviour and no footpath
  • Cycling – No bike lanes, dangerous intersection and other bike issues
  • General – Other general issues, area feels uncared for and not enough shade

View the consultation summaries below:

Preston West Consultation Summary

Reservoir West Consultation Summary

Thornbury West Consultation Summary

All of the feedback is also visible in the interactive map.

View the interactive map