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Thank you to everyone who participated. Council endorsed the new policy on 27 November 2023.

On-street parking is a community asset and there are often not enough spaces for everyone, especially in streets near shops and public transport. This is when we need to manage parking so that spaces are available for those who need them most.

Darebin’s Parking Permit Policy provides clear rules about parking permit eligibility and allocation.

Since the policy was introduced in 2004 our diverse community has continued to grow and change, as have people’s parking needs, so it’s time for some updates.

What's changing in the policy?

We heard from you in November 2022 about four options we presented to the community, and we’ve used your valuable feedback to help draft a new Parking Permit Policy.

We’re proposing introducing some new permits, removing some that are no longer working and allowing some newer homes to access parking permits.

Have your say

From 19 April to 28 May we asked you to share your thoughts about the draft policy. We held 6 drop-in sessions and received over 500 survey responses. Thank you to everyone who participated. We are now reviewing your feedback and will take the draft Parking Permit Policy to the 24 July Council meeting for final consideration.

Increased access to permits may impact demand, on-street parking availability, and fees. To find out more about this we encourage you to read the FAQs on this page.

Key Dates

In April and May we held 6 drop-in sessions for community members to learn more and speak with us.

Thursday 27 April 2023 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm

All Nations Park

Breavington Way, Northcote

The 5 proposed permit types

The draft Parking Permit Policy includes five different types of permits.
  • Resident Permit

    Who is eligible?

    Available to residents of: all dwellings built before 20/12/2004; new single dwelling developments, extensions and rebuilds; 2 dwellings on a lot built between 20/12/2004 and the commencement date of this new policy.

    People experiencing extenuating circumstances*

    How many per dwelling?

    2 per dwelling, reduces to 1 if off-street parking is available (driveway, garage, carport, etc).

    How it works:

    Fixed to a vehicle, not transferrable.

  • Visitor Permit

    Who is eligible:

    Available to all residents who are eligible for resident permits

    How many per dwelling:

    No limit on the number of permits available and sold in sets of 10

    How it works:

    Valid for a single day.

    Replaces ‘temporary permits’.

  • Carer Permit

    Who is eligible:

    Available for any resident living with a long-term health issue or disability that requires visiting carers.

    How many per dwelling:

    1 per dwelling

    How it works:

    Issued to the care recipient, free of charge.

    The permit is transferrable between the resident and their carers.

  • Service Permit

    Who is eligible:

    Available to all residents

    How many per dwelling:

    2 per year, valid for up to 4 weeks each

    How it works:

    To be used when a resident has a tradesperson, cleaner, removalist working on their home.

    Provides an exemption of up to four weeks from Timed Parking or Permit Zone restrictions for workers

  • User-Pays Permit

    Who is eligible:

    Available to anyone (not just Darebin residents)

    How many per dwelling:

    Valid for 4 weeks, can be renewed every month

    How it works:
    Priced at a significantly higher rate compared to other permit types
  • *Extenuating circumstances

    This may include:

    • Escaping natural disaster or domestic violence
    • Some medical issues
    • Owning more cars than the number of off-street parking spaces at their home (only those eligible for resident permits)
    • Being required to store a commercial vehicle at their home

    These are issued as resident permits.


For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions please refer to the Document Library.

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