Council is proposing solutions to address issues raised by the community as part of the Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Study, conducted within the area between High Street and Station Street and Separation Street and Clarke Street.

Project Background

As part of Council's commitment to road safety and improving the road environment for pedestrians and cyclists, Council conducted a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Study within the area between High Street and Station Street and Separation Street and Clarke Street.

The LATM Study aims to achieve:

  • Streets that are designed to encourage slower vehicle speeds
  • Local Streets that discourage through traffic movement ('rat-running')
  • Safer opportunities to cross streets
  • Streets that encourage bike riding
  • Incorporation of planting and streetscape initiatives to enhance the urban amenity

A community workshop was held in February 2018 to get feedback from the community. Through this discussion and analysis of traffic data, we identified that this area was affected by non-local traffic ('rat-running'), high vehicle speeds on some streets, a lack of safe pedestrian crossing facilities and poor safety records at some of the intersections.

A community reference group was established to discuss the LATM Study and the solutions proposed by Council. The initial proposal was provided to the community reference group and based on the group’s comments, the plan was refined as well as the LATM Study Report

The LATM Study report contains the following:

  • Background of the project and a review of traffic data and existing conditions
  • A summary of the community feedback process completed so far
  • A summary of the issues and opportunities within the study area
  • Proposed solutions plan for the study area

Following the community workshop and input from the community reference group the Northcote LATM Study was published in September 2018 for public consultation until the 30 November 2018.

What's Next?

The Northcote LATM report and proposed treatments plan was exhibited to the public between the 3rd September to 30th November 2018. Consultation with directly affected residents on some of the draft treatments was also undertaken. Thank you to everyone who took the time to review the documents and provide thoughtful feedback.

All comments and feedback were collated, and used to refine and update the study report and proposed treatments plan (which can be viewed via the link on the right hand side of this page).

Construction Update

Council has recently finished construction on the first stage of treatments! These include;

  • New traffic islands in Waterloo Road
  • New pedestrian refuges on Mitchell Street adjacent to Prospect Grove and Derby Street
  • Improvements to existing pedestrian refuge on Bastings Street near Russell Street
  • New pedestrian refuges on Rathmines Street near Bastings Street
  • New line marking on Rathmines Street near Duncan Street
  • New splitter island on Sharp Street
  • New raised pedestrian crossing on Wingrove Street adjacent to Fairfield Station

Delivery of the remaining treatments will be completed in following financial years, subject to capital funding.

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The feedback process for this project has now concluded.