In 2018, the City of Darebin started working on the Cheddar Road Local Area Place Making Project (Cheddar LAPM). The project aim was to improve safety on local streets by proposing a range of solutions to address road safety issues raised by residents.

The study area was between Tunaley Parade, Broadway, Cheddar Road and Plenty Road (please see the map above).

At its meeting on 7 September 2020, Council made the decision to endorse the final Cheddar LAPM concept plans.
Council will now begin implementing the changes over time. You can view the final concept plans below.

(Click on the image below to view the final concept plans)

What’s happening now?

The improvements will be implemented over time, starting with priority projects that address immediate safety concerns.

This year (20-21), Council is planning to proceed with the following projects:

  • Construction of Cheddar Road Rehabilitation and Signalised Intersection at Cheddar Rd & Dole Ave, Reservoir

The works are scheduled to commence in the week beginning 15 February 2021 and it is expected that works will be completed by 31 May 2021, subject to weather and site conditions. Works will generally be Monday to Friday between 7 am and 5 pm. Some weekend work may also be necessary.

This will include:

  • The reconstruction and resurfacing of sections of Cheddar Road between Hickford Street and Lloyd Avenue.
  • Road widening and installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Cheddar Road and Dole Avenue.
  • The construction of a shared path through Donath Reserve to Dole Avenue.
  • Improved Public Lighting.
  • Rationalizing and improving local bus stops.

The works will cause disruptions and delays although every endeavor will be made to keep this efficient and to a minimum. Detour routes will be shown onsite through traffic management devices and your co-operation with using the streets in a safe manner during the construction period will be highly appreciated.

  • Carrol Street crossing modifications at Cheddar Road to be delivered in the 2020/21 financial year using $347,000 Federal Government Blackspot Funding
  • Design and construction of a raised pedestrian crossing facility at Strathmerton Street, south of Evans Crescent – early 2021
  • Design of the Boldrewood Parade crossing and Strathmerton Street/ Orrong Avenue raised intersection treatment – 2020-21 financial year, ready for delivery in future years depending on funding

Important information about the impact of the proposal and draft concept plans on parking and trees

To deliver these important access and safety projects, some street parking, public open space and street trees will be affected. Some parking spaces need to be removed, to make room for providing safe pedestrian crossing points.

Four mature Desert Ash trees, along with some dead wood are proposed to be removed as part of the Cheddar Road/Dole Avenue intersection changes. Desert Ash trees are non-native and invasive species. Officers completed a habitat assessment which confirmed that removing these trees is unlikely to impact the survival of any species. A copy of the habitat assessment report is attached in documents section and location of those trees can be found on page 44 of the concept designs.

Up to 23 other small trees recently installed would also be required to be relocated to places nearby so they can be retained for community enjoyment.

The proposed street parking reduction locations are:

  • Near property number 6E and 3 San Leandro Drive, Reservoir (2 parking spaces, 1 on each side of the road) – page 4 of the concept designs
  • At the intersection of Invermay Street/Mais Street/St Vigeons Road. A reduction of 2 parking spaces, 1 on each side of St Vigeons Road will be required on the east side of the intersection outside Leslie Reserve. An additional reduction of 1 parking space would be required on Mais Street next to Leslie Reserve. – page 13 of the concept designs
  • On Strathmerton Street near the intersection with Orrong Ave (1 parking space where the kerb extension is proposed) – page 20 of the concept designs
  • Refuge island on Boldrewood Parade near Whitelaw Street. A reduction of 8 parking spaces, 6 on the east side and 2 on the west– page 22 of the concept designs
  • Strathmerton Street, Reservoir near the East Reservoir Senior Citizen’s Centre (4 parking spaces, 2 on each side of the road) – page 25 of the concept designs
  • On Boldrewood parade near the intersection with Charlton Crescent. A reduction of 6 on-street car parking spaces at north west side if the crossing- page 28 of the concept designs
  • Near property number 106 Scott Grove, Kingsbury (2 parking spaces, 1 on each side of the road) – page 36 of the concept designs
  • Near property numbers 30 and 1B Browning Street, Reservoir (3 parking spaces, 2 on north side and 1 on south side) – page 42 of the concept designs


Why are we proposing changes to the area?

Council started the Cheddar LAPM project in 2018. We started the project because the community raised a number of road safety concerns with Council, and these concerns were backed up through traffic and collision data.

As part of Council's commitment to road safety and improving the road environment for local residents, pedestrians and cyclists, we sought community’s input on the draft concept plans for the project area. These were endorsed at the 7 September 2020 Council meeting.

Project aims and types of treatments

In response to what the community has told us, the Cheddar LAPM project aims to achieve:

  • Streets that are designed to encourage slower vehicle speeds
  • A local streets network that discourages unnecessary through traffic movement (like 'rat-running')
  • Safer opportunities to cross streets
  • Streets that are safe and encourage bike riding.

The final concept plan includes:

  • road safety treatments such as raised crossings and changes to turning arrangements at some intersections
  • some changes that would let bikes through but not cars.

Community engagement summary (2018 – 2020)

The concept designs were developed through two rounds of consultation across the local areas, which included:

  • Two community drop in sessions at the Keon Park Children’s Hub (February-March 2018)
  • Formation of a working group representing a cross section of local residents within the study area (March 2018)
  • Two working group meetings to consider draft concept plans (March 2018)
  • Community survey on the draft concept plans (June-July 2020)

Through both rounds of engagement, Council collected valuable information and a better understanding of residents’ issues, concerns and treatments they would like for the area. The feedback was reviewed and considered to finalise the concept designs.

You can view the Community Engagement Summary report for the second stage of consultation and the Council Report from 7 September 2020.

The Cheddar Road Local Area Place Making survey has now concluded