Stage 1 engagement has closed

Thank you to everyone who participated. We are now reviewing your feedback.

Budget planning 2023/24

From 6-26 February, we asked you to help us identify priorities so that we can balance community needs and ensure Darebin is financially sustainable into the future.

Our current economic landscape presents new challenges. Inflation and rising costs have and will continue to place significant pressure on Council's budget over the short to medium term. To continue to provide core services while addressing current and future community needs, we need to be realistic about what we can deliver.

Darebin’s long-term financial outlook has changed significantly since it was adopted in 2021/22 and as part of the 2023/24 budget planning process, we will be updating our formal long-term financial projections.

To help us prioritise so that we can meet our diverse community’s needs in this financially challenging time, we want to understand what services and projects are most important to you.

What happened so far?

This year we wanted to hear from you right from the start of the planning process. This will allow time to consider and incorporate feedback into the draft Budget and align it with what the community wants.

We decided on the 12 key themes listed below based on our Council Plan, Community Vision and Officer and Councillor feedback.

In Stage 1 of our engagement we asked you to review the below 12 themes and tell us what your priorities are for budget consideration.

Your choices will be used to help us gather information about what you’d like to prioritise and will not directly affect Budget decisions.

Once it’s prepared, we will bring the draft Budget in to the community to review and provide feedback from May 23 to June 6 2023.

The 12 key themes

Addressing disadvantage to make Darebin a healthier, safer and more inclusive place for all residents.

Supporting arts and creative industries in Darebin through dedicated venues, performances, residencies, exhibitions, festivals, events and cultural collections.

Fostering a resilient economy through employment opportunities, new industries, support for local-businesses and associations, and partnerships.

Fostering safe, sustainable, efficient transport in Darebin through a wide range of road management functions including local area investigations and enhancements and parking and speed limit improvements.

Support, advocacy and information for older residents, people with disability and carers.

Helping people live independently through social connection, community access and Home Support.

Services and programs for families and young people including immunisations, maternal and child health services, family and parenting programs, playgroups, toy libraries, childcare and kinder coordination, and youth support programs.

Policies, programs and facilities that support an active Darebin community and management and operation of Darebin’s major recreation facilities.

Darebin’s physical library services at Fairfield, Northcote, Preston and Reservoir and virtual library facilities.

Improvements, policies and programs that contribute to the sustainable development and management of Darebin’s open space network, natural resources, environment, biodiversity and overall maintenance of Darebin’s parks and open spaces.

Management and improvement of the built environment, education programs and trials related to climate, energy, waste, biodiversity, litter, recycling, contaminated land and water, recycling, Council and Government partnerships, circular economy and Solar Savers.

Planning, management and maintenance of buildings, properties and facilities, and coordination and delivery of major projects.
Maintenance of roads, footpaths, shared paths, lines, kerbs, drains, bridges, signage, bins and street furniture. Graffiti management.

Collection, management and disposal of general waste, recyclables, food waste, dumped rubbish and hard waste. Street cleaning. Management of the Darebin Resource and Recovery Centre.

Drop-in sessions

Thanks to everyone who attended our drop-in sessions in February

Friday 10 February 2023 10:00 am – 01:00 pm


Outside of the Fairfield Community Centre in 84 Arthur St

How do I allocate my points?

You have a total of 100 points to allocate to the areas you think Council should support. Use the sliders below to indicate which themes you think should be prioritised.You can allocate all 100 points on the one theme or split your 100 points on various themes. The minimum allocation for a theme is 20 points.

Did you allocate your points incorrectly? Don't worry, just hit the 'reset' button below the slider.

You can also call us on 8470 8888 or pick up a paper survey at Preston, Reservoir or Northcote Customer Service Centres.

What’s next?

We’ll use your input to develop a draft budget for 2023/24. Once it’s prepared, we will bring the draft Budget back to the community in late May to review and provide feedback.