Better connectivity in the North

Telstra is looking to increase 4G and 5G coverage capacity in Darebin’s north to provide better connectivity for mobile phone users and faster internet speeds in the area. To do this, Telstra wishes to replace an existing 30-metre light pole at Bundoora Oval, Bundoora Park, with a 35-metre telecommunications pole.

Amplitel (part of the Telstra Group)has applied to Council for a 20-year lease for this pole. As part of this, we wish to gain any community feedback on the proposal, so that we can consider this in the lease decision and forward feedback to Amplitel for its consideration.

Have your say

Tell us your thoughts via the submission link by 19th August

A bit of background info

Telstra’s tower infrastructure group Amplitel would install this pole, reattaching lights for the oval at their current height, and installing telecommunications equipment 5 metres higher.

The replacement would require the oval lights to be non-operational for approximately 2 weeks at a time agreed to by users of the sports club, Darebin Council and Amplitel, to minimise the impact on sports field operation.

Read the section 115 Notice of Lease proposal.

To request a hard copy submission form please email or phone 8470 8213

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