The City of Darebin has launched an exciting project to transform part of our local street network into more people-friendly places.

Project Background

As our city continues to grow, the role and function of our local streets is changing. Darebin City Council is committed to working with our community to help define what our streets will look and feel like in the future.

At its Council Meeting on 15th October 2018, Council endorsed the Streets for People Northcote Croxton Thornbury Final Strategy. The focus of this study is the Ethel Street / Stott Street / Herbert Street / Park Street corridor (shown in the above map). The corridor is affected by non-local traffic ('rat-running'), and accommodates high levels of local walking and cycling activity by a range of people of all ages and abilities moving between homes, train stations, local business and schools. These various transport considerations must be balanced with the need to provide safe and attractive streets for the local community to not only use, but also enjoy and be proud of.

Our vision for the Streets for People project is:

to create a neighbourhood that is safe, green, clean and welcoming

Engagement Summary

The Streets for People project is fundamentally about improving the experience of local streets for the people who use them. Through the community engagement process undertaken during March and April 2018, we heard the most needed improvements along the corridor were:

  • making it easier & safer to undertake local trips on foot & bike
  • more shade, trees and greenery
  • more welcoming places for people to meet & play, and
  • reducing the negative impacts of vehicles.

Using feedback from the first stage of engagement, the Streets for People draft strategy was published in June 2018 for public consultation.

The draft strategy was exhibited for the public between the 7th June to 8th July 2018.

All comments and feedback were collated and used to refine the final project strategy and concept plans during July and August 2018. The Streets for People Northcote Croxton Thornbury Final Strategy was endorsed by Council on 15th October 2018, and detailed design and delivery of works commenced in 2019.

The final strategy contained the following:

  • A brief background of the project and why we’re undertaking it
  • A summary of the work completed so far including community consultation
  • A set of concept plans which show the proposed traffic and streetscape works along the entire corridor as well as individual sections of Ethel Street, Stott Street, Herbert Street and Park Street.

What's next?

Council is continuing to construct the endorsed treatments along the corridor.

Q & A

Thank you for your questions! This feedback process has concluded.

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