We’re checking in with you about Darebin’s Election Period Policy

All councils have a policy like this – it’s intended to ensure Council staff and councillors observe legislative and governance requirements in the lead up to an election. It keeps elections fair for all candidates.

Ahead of the councillor election in October this year, we’ve reviewed our Election Period Policy (Chapter 11 of Council’s Governance Rules) and made some minor administrative updates.

About the changes

We’re proposing these changes to ensure that:

  • All information is clear and easy to understand
  • Terminology is clear and easy to understand through the addition of a definitions table

View the updated document with changes highlighted

How to give feedback

We’re asking for your thoughts on the changes before the draft policy goes to a Council meeting for consideration in June. It’s important to note that we are only seeking your feedback on ‘Chapter 11 Election Periods’ from Council’s Governance Rules, and that legislative requirements may impact Election Period dates.

Read the draft policy and submit your feedback or questions by

  • send an email to governance.services@darebin.vic.gov.au
  • call 8470 8888
  • visit a customer service centre to submit your questions or feedback in person