Design your Darebin 2041

Darebin is a an amazingly diverse City and we understand and acknowledge that this diversity drives unique differences in our communities' needs and expectations. By providing different ways for people to share their views and visions for our City's future we hope to better understand these needs and hear from not just some but many voices across our community.

To help do this, we've created some simple, creative and more visual ways for you to Design your Darebin 2041 online. Using the icons below you can map places you love, or think need love in Darebin, share your big idea for Darebin 2041 or upload a picture or drawing that inspires your vision for the future of our City. It's also a great opportunity to see, like or even comment on the contributions from other community members.

You can complete one or all of the below activities - the choice is yours!

Activities close midnight, Wednesday 31 March.

Click on 'Your Places' below to show us places that you love or that you think need some love in Darebin.Click on 'Your Ideas' below to share your big idea
for Darebin 2041.
Click on 'Your Photos' to share inspirational pictures or drawings of what you'd like Darebin 2041 to look or feel like.

If these activities aren't for you make sure to explore other ways you can get involved in designing the future of where you live, work and play.

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