Stage 2 engagement has closed

Thank you to everyone who participated. We are now reviewing your feedback.

We’re making some improvements because we want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy Arch Gibson Reserve!

What's happened so far

In September 2022, we asked you about your ideas for improving Arch Gibson Reserve and spoke to more than 70 people online and in-person.

Five key messages emerged from the consultation:

  • A desire to see a fitness equipment area.
  • A need to improve amenities by including a drinking fountain, a bin, dog bag dispensers and seats.
  • The need to keep the off-lead dog area.
  • A footpath to improve connectivity to surrounding paths.
  • A climbing structure for play.
  • Protection of rewilding projects and replanting at Creekside.

You can scroll down to see the draft concept plan and learn about its key elements.

Your say

From 10 - 26 February 2023, we asked the community what you thought about the proposed draft concept plan. Thank you to everyone who participated. We have now reviewed your feedback and have taken the final

Plan to Council.

We are now busy making some exciting changes, including;

  • The installation of new furniture including five new seats, dog bag dispenser, a drinking fountain and bins.
  • The installation of a new pathway through the reserve.
  • New fitness equipment.
  • We have one final improvement to deliver to Arch Gibson Reserve. You have asked for a climbing structure to be installed so that children can play. In 2024 Council will be installing a climbing course at the reserve.

Key elements of the draft concept plan

  • A proposal to provide an outdoor fitness area
  • A proposal for a climbing structure*

* This feature will be delivered in stages.

  • A proposal to investigate creation of natural barriers using logs and boulders adjacent to the rewilding area to protect the Creek and plants from dogs and foot traffic *
  • Provision of new native low shrubs in designated water sensitive garden beds and tall trees to provide natural shade and increase biodiversity.
  • A proposal for a path structure to improve connectivity and expand path network.
  • A proposal for an open pergola with climbing plants *

* These feature will be delivered in stages

  • A waste bin
  • A dog waste bag dispenser
  • A drinking fountain
  • Total of 3 benches and 2 seats

Draft concept plan

Below is the draft concept plan for Arch Gibson Reserve. Click on the icons to learn more about each element.

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