Darebin City Council is embarking on the Asset Management Journey that will benefit the community by managing the assets in an optimised manner resulting in better assets for the community to enjoy and increase the liveability of the community.

We have developed a draft Asset Management Strategy and Policy and have sought community feedback to ensure we can understand and can respond to community priorities. At its meeting on 22 November 2021, Council endorsed the Asset Management Strategy and Policy.

What has happened so far?

The existing Asset Management Policy and Asset Management Strategy have come to the end of their duration. We are starting off a new Asset Management Journey by developing new key documents about our asset management such as the Asset Management Strategy and Policy. The Asset Management Policy and the Asset Management Strategy provide a strategic approach to Council in the delivery of best-practice asset management activities over the period of the Council term. These documents will underpin the 10-year Asset Plan that is required to be in place by June 2022 in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020.

The Asset Management Strategy and Policy guides and informs the management of Council’s assets. It defines the direction Council will take with its assets and the activities needed to improve its asset management capability and effectiveness.

Draft Asset Management Strategy 2021-2025

The draft Asset Management sets out a fresh approach to asset management for Council and establishes a foundation for us to move forward and focus our attention on key strategic and operational asset management improvement initiatives including:

  • Aligning and integrating asset management objectives and activities within Councils overall suite of strategies, priorities and plans
  • Assigning dedicated resources for strategic asset management activities
  • Establishing an asset data and information improvement program
  • Developing asset risk assessment tools
  • Upgrading and integrating asset management technology
  • Improving asset management decision-making processes
  • Meaningfully, equitably and inclusively engaging our stakeholders and community to ensure community infrastructure is accessible, equitable, inclusive and responsive to the needs of the diverse Darebin community
  • Ultimately, ensuring we provide fair and good outcomes to the community while remaining financially sustainable, socially responsible and adaptive to climate change.

Draft Asset Management Policy 2021-2025

The draft Asset Management Policy states that the long-lived nature of many assets and the need for their ongoing renewal means that planning must be on an understanding of the full costs throughout each asset’s lifecycle. Both short and long-term financial requirements including depreciation, asset investment and planning needs must be addressed. This approach supports the realisation of the Darebin 2041 Community Vision and ensures the best outcomes for the future of the municipality.

Key objectives

As part of our new approach to asset management, we have developed some key objectives to explain our future status of where we would like to be compared to where we are now.

Where are we? (current status)Where do we want to be? (future status)
Service levels aren’t consistently defined/informed by customers/stakeholdersService levels established for all asset classes and aligned to community need the community
Some asset information is incomplete, inaccurate, difficult to access and analyseAsset data is comprehensive, stored centrally and used to inform decisions
No asset criticality framework exists, and risk is evaluated on an ad hoc basisWe know the criticality of our assets and evaluate risk consistently
Some decision-making tends to be reactive and based on qualitative informationDecisions are proactive, evidence-based and linked to community outcomes

Feedback was sought from the community from 6 October to 2 November 2021.

What’s happening now?

At its meeting on 22 November 2021, Council endorsed the Asset Management Strategy and Policy.
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